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Smart Solutions. 

Strategos Consulting was established in 2008 to identify and ultimately provide usable technological solutions to the United States Government and its partners in the Global War on Terror. The company is focused on finding and mentoring niche technologies, and provides guidance, direction, and potentially capital to help new technologies reach a level of maturity necessary to respond to mission needs.


Companies (no matter small, medium or large) who are forced to navigate the federal procurement process often find it to be an excruciating experience, with an endless number of well-intentioned regulations that either compel them out of the running or load them up on endless amounts of red tape. There are many companies, that offer a solution to this, but few that understand the effort is well beyond a written proposal; that 85% of the endeavor is articulating the capability, matching it to requirement, introducing it to the customer/s, and most importantly portraying the company as a resource.

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