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Strategos Consulting, a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) was established in 2008 to identify and ultimately provide usable technological solutions to the United States Government and its strategic partners. The company is focused on finding and mentoring niche technologies and provides guidance, direction, and potential capital to help new technologies reach the level of maturity necessary to respond to mission needs. In 2009, we created Strategos Training, a professional training department focused on providing education and training to the adult learner that is focused on the professional business environment. Strategos Training specializes in training analysis, training plan development, curriculum development, eLearning development, and execution of training requirements.


Our mission is to provide trainees with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in maritime operations, small craft maintenance, small craft mobility, operational planning, and execution of training exercises. Throughout our training program, each course of instruction will focus on further building the "team-building" ability, organizational leadership capabilities, group dynamics, supervisory skills, and personnel development.


Our goal is to serve as the foundation for professional instructional services worldwide, through our team that will properly prepare individuals to perform assigned duties within each organization; but also provide each client with proposals for new doctrine, instructions, and processes and procedures for areas within an organization. Our goal is to develop a diverse and talented group of professionals through training, education, mentoring and opportunities for teams and individuals to gain experience and realize their full potential. Throughout each training program and course of instruction there is a constant focus to further build the team building ability, organizational leadership capabilities, group dynamics, supervisory skills, and personnel development.


We have established and maintained a sterling record of safely providing highly trained tactical forces with specialized skills. While the requirements for this effort are clearly articulated and are built on a precedent of success, we strongly believe that our years of combatant craft/ small unit maritime training experience sets us apart from other companies. Our key personnel while on active duty have fulfilled key positions such as Executive Officer of a Special Boat Team, Training Officer, Combatant Craft Patrol Officers, Boat Captains, Engineers, and Officer in Charge of two Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewman Schools. We offer this experience, not as a means to the only answer to the transformation of training, but rather to emphasize that our desire is to work with NSHQ to continuously seek ways to assist in the development of world-class Maritime Small Boat/Combatant Craft Training Programs, Personnel Qualification Standards Programs, and a doctrine that will produce the most highly qualified personnel to fill critical positions within NSHQ’s maritime alliance.



Strategos is made up of subject matter experts in the instruction of leadership, management, and technology training and are uniquely familiar with conducting training that supports both small and large organizations. Our team has lived, languished, and prospered through the maturation of professional instruction. The instructors of Strategos have a complete understanding of what it takes to train, coach, mentor and educate the individual professional.


Strategos uses a customized approach to tailor training to align with the culture, pre- requisite experience, and training needs to maximize utility of the training and student retention. We are most familiar and have intimate experience with USN Integrated Learning Environment, and the legacy Task Based Curriculum Development Model and Personnel Performance Profile Curriculum Development Model’s training.
Applying our flexible processes and knowledge of various training standards, we design, develop, and revise Plans of Instructions (POIs) to deliver tailored training programs that provide continuity and consistency of training from individuals through team/organizational course execution.


Our Learning Management System manages, tracks, and reports on interaction between the learner and the content & the learner and the instructor. This system will enable each client to perform employee and customer registration, track learner progress, record test scores, indicate course completions, and assess the performance of their learners and provide monthly reports to the client.
Our Learning Management System goes beyond simple employee training. The system can be used to deliver information to partners, customers, suppliers and resellers, at any time and any location worldwide. Our system will assist with corporate responsibility, accountability and compliance by automatically documenting important components of a learning curriculum.
Strategos provides a learning management system that is comprised of:
• Learner tracking and reporting
• Web-based
• Contact management
• Course management
• Professional growth and development management




For corporations/clients related to organizational leadership and development to meet each client’s needs including; mission, vision and goal setting, management, team building and leadership development.


  • Training and coaching for work/life balance issues, management development for groups and individuals.

  • Design and delivery of professional development programs.

  • Design and delivery of classroom curricula for technical courses of instruction.

  • Design and delivery of classroom curricula for leadership and management programs.

  • Project leadership and management.

  • Technology training and mentoring.


The assessment of training technology and its application to meet specific training requirements is a particular strength at Strategos. Training specialists at Strategos are thoroughly familiar with the latest state-of-the-art in technology and developing curriculum to meet training requirements, as well as implementing the new training and evaluating the impact of training on the operational environment. Methodologies used in Strategos’ approach conform to the time-tested tenets of Instructional Systems Development (ISD) Areas of support include:


  • Needs assessment/Requirements definition

  • Training systems requirements analyses

  • Media selection

  • Training management systems design and development

  • Training system integration, implementation, and evaluation

  • Cost/benefit and training effectiveness analyses


The assessment of training and its application to meet specific training requirement, to provide the basis for determining existing and potentially future mission essential tasks required to accomplish an organization’s mission.


The training plan is based on the priorities determined during the training needs analysis. The plan shall state the training program mission, vision, learning and performance objectives, identify target audiences, establish delivery method for each objective, determine the content of material, performance activities, documentation and supporting material that will be utilized throughout the program, establish qualification measurements (measures of performance /effectiveness), timeframes and milestones, and establish qualification standards.


Several different venues can be utilized to get the message across to your target audience. Strategos utilizes all venues, always remaining on the cutting edge of the newest media development.


We will provide Maritime Operations, combatant craft, and small boat Subject Matter Experts for the design, development, implementation, and execution of your training, qualifications, certification analysis, identification, development, and support requirements.
Our staff has been handpicked because of their experience in the maritime environment and maritime operations. We have a proven record of excellence in supporting Department of Defense initiatives and missions that require quality top-end training expertise. Our past performance supporting high risk training efforts across the maritime infrastructure includes providing subject matter experts and instructors in a myriad of competencies to include: Basic and Advanced Operator training, Coxswain, Maritime Mission Planning, Maritime Lifesaving, Communications, Intelligence, and Navigation training for the United States Navy, and Special Boat Teams.

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